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7 Little-Known Benefits of Becoming a DoorDash Driver

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Are you tired of trying to plan life events around your ever-changing, yet unadaptable, work schedule? Are you looking for a career that provides financial freedom? If so, you are not alone. In fact, according to a recent study, 33% of American workers say that they would leave their current position to work in the gig economy if it offered greater flexibility.

While gig workers have slowly been entering the workforce over the last several decades, the pandemic helped to put this demand into overdrive. Global statistics show that the growth of the gig economy has doubled since 2018 and is set to increase by another 17% in the upcoming year.

If you're looking for financial freedom and want to maintain a healthier work-life balance, you should consider a career opportunity in the gig economy. One of the best places to start is to become a DoorDash driver. DoorDash drivers, referred to as dashers, are eligible for a wide range of benefits while enjoying a great career opportunity in the gig economy.

Here’s a look at some of the little-known benefits that can help DoorDash drivers on their quest for financial freedom.

1. Greater Flexibility

One of the best benefits of becoming a DoorDash driver is that you have complete freedom to pick your work hours. You, and you alone, have the opportunity to determine exactly how many hours you want to work each day and what time you want to work.

Not only do you have the opportunity to choose your work schedule, but you can pick which orders you want to take. Once you sign in as an available Dasher, DoorDash will automatically connect you with potential delivery options. This notification provides you with all the details about the delivery – at this point, you can choose to accept the order or pass and wait for the next one.

2. Decent Pay

Dashers receive two types of payments for every delivery.

  • Base Pay: This is the amount DoorDash pays out for each delivery. While exact base pay amounts vary based on time, distance, and type of order, they can range anywhere from $2 to $10 per order.

  • Tip: Unlike some delivery services, DoorDash allows dashers to keep every single dollar of each tip received. Tip amounts also vary greatly but typically range between 5% and 10% of the total order amount.

After combining base pay and tip, many dashers can earn well over minimum wage by averaging anywhere from $15 to $20 or more per hour. Not bad for a job where you can set your own hours.

Dashers looking for a greater level of financial freedom have the opportunity to significantly increase their earnings by completing multiple orders per hour, which is not too difficult once you get used to how the dasher app works.

3. Nationwide Discount Program

One of the best steps you can take on the path to financial freedom is to find ways to save money. DoorDash makes this process easier by offering its valued dashers various types of discounts, credits, and free services at numerous national brands, including:

  • CarAdvice: online car care platform

  • Everlance: mileage and expense tracker for self-employed

  • TurboTax: tax preparation service, including a self-employment platform

  • Clerkie: debt negotiation company

  • Hertz: car rental company

  • General Assembly: career training courses

  • Good Rx: nationwide discount prescription plan

  • Take 5: vehicle oil change company

DoorDash is continuously adding to its discount program, so be sure to check often to see what nationwide discounts are currently available.

4. Medical Insurance Assistance

Worried about health care protection as a gig worker? The reality is that healthcare costs are one of the biggest obstacles to financial freedom. Fortunately, DoorDash takes care of this problem. It partners with the popular Stride Health, a health insurance consulting company, to help dashers find affordable health care options.

Dashers can speak directly with a Stride Health representative, who will help them find an insurance plan, including medical, dental, and vision, through the Affordable Care Act program that best meets their unique needs. This valuable benefit helps take the guesswork out of finding affordable healthcare coverage for you and your family.

5. Dasher Rewards Program

DoorDash recently started the Dasher Rewards Program to reward its top drivers. Dashers can receive cash rewards for completing a set number of jobs each month. For example, in January 2021, dashers who completed at least 450 deliveries throughout the month were rewarded with a one-time monthly bonus of $200.

DoorDash also manages a Top Dasher Program that rewards dashers that meet a set criterion based on the number of deliveries, acceptance rates, completion rates, and customer ratings. Dashers meeting the Top Dasher Program have the opportunity to select higher-paying, priority orders. The benefit is great because the more orders you can complete the faster you can achieve financial freedom.

6. Same Day Payments

Do you ever wish that you could be paid every day? Now you can. Dashers who enroll in the DasherDirect pre-paid debit card program have the opportunity to receive daily payments made directly to their DasherDirect card. Enrollees also receive 2% cash back rewards every time they fill up the tank – no matter where they get gas.

Dashers who prefer direct deposit payments instead of the DasherDirect card can still receive convenient payments made weekly to their bank account. It's important to note that there is a small transaction fee for transferring money from your DasherDirect card to your bank account, so if financial freedom is your ultimate goal, you may want to

7. Tax Deduction for Mileage

One of the most forgotten benefits of being a DoorDash driver is the ability to claim tax deductions for every mile driven while working for DoorDash. The mileage tax deduction for 2021 is $0.56, which means that you have the opportunity to deduct 56 cents off your self-employment income tax for every mile you drive as a dasher.

The trick is that drivers are expected to track their mileage throughout the year. That’s right – every time you drive for dasher, it’s up to you to track how many miles you drive. Apps, such as Everlance (which provides a discount for dashers), provide a convenient way to track your miles while you work.

Are you looking for a new career opportunity? Do you want more control of your work schedule? Do you finally want to achieve financial freedom? If so, consider a career as a DoorDash driver today.

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